Accelerator is Jammed

Not being able to stop is bad enough. What about when you can’t slow your vehicle because your gas pedal is stuck?

  • Immediately take your foot off the accelerator. It won’t release if you are holding it down.
  • Press the clutch if you are driving a manual transmission. In an automatic, throw the car into neutral.
  • Depress the brake pedal and attempt to slow or stop the vehicle. Do not jam down the pedal! If you do, you’ll create more problems for yourself.
  • Steer to a safe spot to stop. Do not attempt to drive any further.
  • Instinct may tell you to turn off your engine. Do not do this! Doing so will kill your power steering making it even more difficult to control your vehicle. The only time you should consider killing the engine is if shifting to neutral or pressing the clutch did not enable you to slow down.
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