Basic Rules That You Should Know

Before we get into the rules and laws where you’ll need to get some experience to make the right decisions at the right time, let’s review some basics. Yes, you probably know all of this. You needed to know it before you got your license.

much of it do you actually remember?

Did you ever take a test in school and your objective was to learn enough to get a passing grade? After that, if you remembered the material, then you remembered – if you forgot, you forgot. The test is over, what does it matter now?  That is a very poor attitude to have towards anything you learned to get your license. So, we should at least cover some of the things you may have forgotten since your driver’s exams – written knowledge test and driving skills test. For some of you, more time has passed since you took these tests than for others. Regardless of all that, no driver should forget anything related to how you operate a motor vehicle on our roads and highways. How long ago you went through the licensing process should not matter a bit!

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