Being Rear-ended

You are stopped at an intersection and notice the vehicle behind you is not going to stop before it hits you. This is a case where you don’t necessarily want to brake. Sound your horn. It may alert the careless driver behind you that you are stopped. If the path ahead of you is clear, try to move forward to avoid, or at least minimize, any impact. If you see that a crash is unavoidable, brace yourself against your seat and headrest. Immediately warn your passengers to do the same. At the moment of impact, take your foot from the brake. This will lessen the severity of the crash impact. Unfortunately, it also puts you in a position where you must deal with traffic that might be ahead of you. This is the main reason why you should always leave a good sized buffer between you and a lead vehicle when you are stopped at an intersection or anywhere. That extra space you leave may be enough for you to pull forward and avoid being hit be the driver behind you.  With any luck, the sound of your horn will wake them up and they’ll stop in time.

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