Course Structure and Format

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This course is divided up into chapters. Within each chapter, we have included smaller sections each having a more specific focus. Presenting the course this way will enable us to keep this wealth of information more organized for you. Afteru00a0 all, if you canu2019t follow the course, you certainly wonu2019t enjoy it. Much of the information you will read comes from actual traffic laws. In most cases, we will provide u201cplain languageu201d explanations of these laws either immediately before or after the actual statutes. Still other information comes from first-hand experience of drivers who have been on the road for many years. These experiences are the kinds of things that you, at some point in your driving career, will experience yourself. We simply hope to give you a helpful u201cheads upu201d for when that time comes.u00a0

At the end of every main chapter, you will get a quiz. Shorter chapters may have quizzes with only five questions. Longer chapters will have anywhere from ten to fifteen questions, maybe more. You’ll be asked about the most important points from the chapter u2013 the things we want you to remember. The questions will be in a multiple-choice format with four answer choices for each question. There is only one answer that will be correct per question.

At the very end of the course, you’ll have a final exam. This is where you’ll put everything you learned together in a nice, neat package. This test will help you determine just how much you got from the course. Remember, though, you should already be able to answer most of the questions you’ll see. You needed to know those answers to get your license. With this course, we want to fill in the gaps for you.

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