Court Ordered Education

            If you are entangled in the type of consequences we are about to present, you have hit the big time – and not in a good way. When you start to become involved in court-ordered punishment, you are treading on very shaky ground. This is serious business; the good news is, you have the power to turn things around.

           When the courts have to get involved in correcting your behavior, you have already made it clear that you pose a potential threat to the public. That alone should prompt you to change your behavior or seek help. If you are a younger, less experienced driver,  you are, we hope, far removed from anything like this. All the same, you need to learn about it. If you are a more experienced driver but routinely careless, consider your carelessness and what consequences it carries if you are involved in a crash.

           In some states, you can voluntarily take courses similar to this one instead of paying a traffic fine. Sadly, there are dozens of these courses, and many are written for drivers in all age groups. How can there be such a great need? One reason is that far too many drivers are able to survive the seemingly harmless consequences of receiving a traffic citation, so they have no reason to correct their behavior. There is no good lesson to be learned here. We have already broken the news to you that you are not invincible. Unfortunately, we have to tell you that you are also not untouchable.

             At some point, when the severity or the sheer number of violations you commit becomes too much of a burden, enter the court system. When you first get involved in this new world, you may end up being directed to attend a traffic education school.  The purpose of these classes is to correct inappropriate driving behavior. Court-ordered schools like this are NOT optional. In fact, you can lose your license if you fail to attend. There are costs associated with attending these schools and you will probably pay them. Remember, this is not the voluntary school to avoid paying a traffic fine.

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