Entering and Exiting Limited Access Highways

You know that highway driving is more challenging because of the speed at which everyone is driving. Everything happens more quickly. Decisions have to be made in seconds. And mistakes can be more costly. But the challenges start well before you are even in this fast moving traffic. They start the moment you plan to enter the highway:

  • Maintain the posted speed on the entrance ramp, especially if it has a curve in it.
  • As you approach the freeway, get a sense for the level of traffic and any openings for you to pull into. Remember, traffic on the freeway has the right of way.
  • Signal to demonstrate you are ready to enter the traffic flow.
  • Begin to increase your speed as you get to the acceleration lane at the end of the ramp. You want to get to the speed matching that of the existing traffic.
  • Merge into an opening when it is safe to do so.
  • NEVER stop on an entrance ramp unless there is no space for you to enter the flow of traffic safely or if traffic is extremely heavy and there is no place to pull in.

At some point you’ll know it’s time to exit the freeway. Make sure this is well before you reach the exit ramp:

  • Safely work your way into the right travel lane before you arrive at your exit. This is yet another reason to “aim high.” Watch for signs indicating that your exit is not too far ahead.
  • With occasional left side exits, be sure you are in the far left lane, well in advance of the exit ramp.
  • Signal to indicate you’ll be leaving the freeway at the net exit ramp. Begin to slow your speed as you reach the deceleration ramp. Also watch for speed limit signs on the ramp. Many exit ramps have extremely sharp curves, almost U-turns.
  • Proceed along the exit ramp and understand that there may be traffic backed up ahead. Many exit ramps have stop signs or traffic signals at the end. They may also just feed into a heavily travelled road where you’ll have to line up to enter it.

Tip! Use extreme caution when passing by a freeway exit ramp. Sadly, many drivers will
cut across two lanes of fast moving traffic so they don’t miss their exit.
They won’t be watching for you. Don’t be one of these reckless drivers.
If you miss your exit, proceed to the next one and reverse direction or rethink your route.

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