Funeral Processions

Everyone operating a motor vehicle as well as all VRUs must yield to funeral processions. At intersections, those vehicle drivers in the procession can ignore traffic signals. This is a dangerous situation! Respect the solemnity of a funeral procession. Watch for a line of cars with headlights on during daylight hours. They might also have their emergency flashers on. In some cases, they may even display a “funeral” placard on their rearview mirrors. Yet another obvious sign is a line of cars passing through a red light while your light is green. In many cases, a lead vehicle will pull into the intersection and stop traffic, but this will not always be the case. Be patient and never interrupt the flow of the procession. Also be aware that not everyone driving in the procession will be fully attentive due to the nature of the sad occasion. This should not be the case, but you read about things that pull your attention from your driving early on in the course. This is one of them.

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