Three Crashes/Three Years

It is hard for most responsible people to even imagine this, but laws are made for a reason. If you are convicted (or plead “no contest”) to a third traffic offense resulting in a crash all within a thirty six month period, you will be directed to complete a FLHSMV-approved driver training course. The course will include behind the wheel training . On top of your taking and successfully completing the course, your fitness to drive will be evaluated. Three crashes in three years? If this is you, don’t wait until you are forced to improve. Ask yourself just how safe the roads are with you on them. Something is definitely wrong.

            Much of what you are reading in this section may not seem like “education” to you. Just remember, the purpose of these consequences and penalties is to teach you to respect the traffic laws and become a better driver.

           At this point, most drivers will have learned that they must change their behavior. Sadly enough, human nature tells us that not everybody will…

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