Wrong Way Drivers

This is another emergency that, while rare, will end up being deadly more than not. We are not just talking about someone who has drifted into your travel lane or crossed a double yellow line to pass an obstruction. Now, you are driving along and suddenly realize that another vehicle is in your travel lane and coming directly at you! First off, understand that when two things are going towards each other, you now have half the time to react than you normally would. Add to that the second or so it takes for you to realize this actually is happening! At night, you may have the benefit (if you can call it that) of seeing headlights coming at you. During daylight hours, you’ll have to realize that you see the front of a vehicle and not the back. If you find yourself in this very dangerous situation, get as far as you can to the right side of the road. If an exit ramps is close by, take it to get off the freeway. Once the wrong way driver passes, notify authorities immediately. Be as precise as you can with your location and don’t forget to give the direction of travel of the wrong way vehicle.

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